Augie aka the "Salty Dog"

by Angela
(San Diego Ca)

he's the little white bullet, lol

he's the little white bullet, lol

Augie is a rescue Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix. I got him New Years Eve of 09 thru Russell Rescue. He was a delinquent, wild man about to be euthanized, but RRI rescued him from the jaws of death and worked with him. I found him on Craig's List and fell in love with him :)

RRI was amazing to work with and I can't say enough good things about them.
The first time I took Augie to Del Mar Dog Beach was in Feb. 10. It was cold and I totally did not expect to see Augie go into the surf, but figured he would have fun anyway.
Once we got there, I cut him loose and he made a bee line for the surf! I was amazed at my fearless little guy and he had the time of his life running with the big boys. He quickly found out that short legged little dogs can't go in as deep as the bigger dogs, but that didn't stop him from leaping into to the surf and doing his best to keep up while keeping himself safely grounded (for the most part ).
We love bringing Augie there and it's great to have such a cool place to let Augie cut loose and have a blast.

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