Del Mar Restaurants

After a day at the Del Mar Racetrack, the Del Mar Fair or at the Del Mar Beach, excellent places to eat are plentiful. Del Mar restaurants are some of the best in California - from the cuisine, to the spectacular ocean views, to the ambiance.

to Jake's

to the The Brigantine , overlooking the beach and beautiful racetrack, whichever choice you make will be memorable.

Some of the places have been around since before my time (which IS a while!) Tony's Jacal, Fidel's and a few others that are no longer around (The Market Cafe, the Bluebird, The Albatross, Bully's, The Steakhouse, among others) and have provided excellent cuisine for generations of visitors to Del Mar.

The following links are just a few of the best places to eat in Del Mar and nearby Solana Beach.

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Jake's is probably one of the finest places all-around - watching the sunsets from here while dining is a real treat. Service, food and ambience are all top notch.

Jakes Del Mar


The Poseidon is a more casual place to eat that boasts one of the best locations on the beach in Del Mar at 17th St. After a walk on the beach, this is one of the greatest places to sit on the deck, have a refreshing beverage and watch the sunset. 

The 'Brig' is THE place to go after the races for a great meal and the place to be seen. The view of the track and the beach from here is spectacular, and the food is very good. More information... The Brigantine Del Mar

The Pacifica Del Mar is one of those rare treats for excellent seafood, service and ambiance. Located in the Del Mar Plaza above 15th St., the views here are also spectacular.

Pacifica Del Mar

By the way - they also own the Breeze Cafe, just below the Pacifica Del Mar in the Plaza. It has delicious and affordable breakfasts and lunch's with also a spectacular view of the ocean.

Viewpoint Brewery

An exciting new restaurant and brew pub is opened on the San Dieguito River lagoon, across from the Del Mar Racetrack and offers delicious fare and craft beer made on premises. Check it out!

A new entry to the Del Mar restaurants is Beesalt Balcony. It also offers affordable entre's and is conveniently located on Camino Del Mar between 11th and 12th Streets.

For quick, delicious sandwiches, you have a choice between Board and Brew and across the street at the Del Mar Liquor and Deli. Can't go wrong.

En Fuego is one of the hot spots for the hip crowd... always crowded, it is also a very popular spot after the races. Food and margaritas are delicious!

En Fuego Cantina

Sbicca Restaurant

One of our favorites for breakfast, lunch, or dinner is walking from Seagrove Park up 15th St. to Sbicca. Very casula with plenty of seating and sidewalk tables with a view of the Pacific.

Whenever I have friends visiting, we always go to Fidel's for some of the best Mexican food there is. My favorite (and my father's, too) is the Tostada Suprema.

Heard an amusing story about Fidel, the owner of Fidel's Little Mexico in Solana Beach & Carlsbad. He is a frequent visitor to the track and a few years ago he came into the Turf Club parking lot and brought some taquito dinners for the crew. One of the guys gave him a tip on a horse, a longshot. After the races, Fidel came in with a long face. "Did you bet the horse?" asked the captain of the lot.

"I did", he said -" it was 20 to 1 and came in first! I put $20 dollars on it."

"That's great!" said the captain.

"Well... I gave it all back on the next race" said Fidel. "Do you still have any of those taquito dinners left?"

"Yes, I haven't eaten mine yet - the others did and they were delicious."

"Well, I need yours back so I can sell it at the restaurant", said Fidel with a smile as he drove off.

Click here for more info... Fidel's Little Mexico, Eden Gardens Solana Beach

If Fidel's is too crowded, Tony's is an excellent alternative for authentic Mexican food. This is one of those classic spots that have been here for decades, the quality always very good. Tony's Jacal

Other Del Mar Restaurants

1454 Camino Del Mar
(858) 794-6838

Board & Brew

1212 Camino Del Mar

(858) 481-1021

Bruegger's Bagels
1435 Camino Del Mar Suite D
(858) 259-3600

Champagne French Bakery Café

202 15th Street Suite D
(858) 792-8171

Chinese Double Happiness
1011 Camino Del Mar
(858) 481-8584

Del Mar Pizza
211 15th Street
(858) 481-8088

Del Mar Snack Shack
1670 Coast Blvd
(858) 481-8399

Il Fornaio Cucina Italiana
1555 Camino Del Mar Suite 301
(858) 755-8876

J.F. Japanese Cafe & Sushi Bar
1555 Camino Del Mar Suite 201
(858) 720-8789

Jimmy O's
225 15th Street
(858) 350-3735

Le Cafe Bleu
1140 Camino Del Mar
(858) 350-1432

Sbicca Bistro
215 15th Street
(858) 481-1001

Starbucks Coffee
1435 Camino Del Mar
(206) 447-1575