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Ask anyone in Southern California where Dog Beach is, and those who have dogs will know exactly where it is: At the border of the south end of Solana Beach and the north end of Del Mar, or North Beach. During certain times of the year (day after Labor Day), dogs are allowed to run free off-leash, and its quite a spectacle on the weekends.

There is a natural boundary at the south end of dog beach - the San Dieguito Rivermouth flows into the sea and usually it is anywhere from 25 to 50 feet across, depending on the season and rainfall, so its fairly easy for the City to contain the dogs.

There aren't too many places in Southern California where your dog can frolic at the beach with other dogs, so this is particularly a great place to take your dog for a "date".

Aerial of Dog Beach

Into the ocean at Dog Beach Too cute! Latte
Into the ocean at Dog Beach Too cute! Latte

Dog Beach Parking:

Park on the street, but remember that Del Mar likes its parking revenues -- and parking ticket revenues especially. Pay your meter diligently, or buy a $10 all-day pass from the pay-and-display-your-ticket boxes. There are also porta-potties for the 2 legged visitors. If you continue South past the bridge to 29th St. and beyond, you'll find free parking on both sides of the highway, though it does get crowded on the weekends.

The rules at Dog Beach:

Out-of-control doggie behavior is prohibited. Del Mar lifeguards enforce the rules and will write you a ticket.

The crowd at Dog Beach:

This is a very respectable pet-owning crowd. The beach is low-key with few incidents.

Facilities at Dog Beach:

Most owners use the city-supplied clean-up mitts , but it's still a good idea to watch your step.

If you're planning to spend the entire day, don't forget food or dog treats . Finding a store close by that has healthy treat might not be that easy. You can always pack a bowl of Blue Buffalo dog food if you are looking an all natural pet food or snack for your dog.

Pet Friendly Hotels:

Visiting Del Mar with your pets? Need a place to stay? There are two hotels in Del Mar that accept your pets. For more information, check out these hotels: Hilton Del Mar

Holiday Inn Express

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