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I rescued Luca, a 6 year old Harlequin Dane from a Great Dane rescue about 10 months ago and wanted to see how she acted around other dogs and the ocean. She took right to it, she won't fetch a ball or frisbee, but loves to chase the dog chasing the frisbee and escort them back to their owner. Her best friend is Brooty a 1 year old Australian fire ball who loves to make her slam on her brakes while he runs circles around her.

The number 1 question I get from other dog beach users "Is she is a pure bred dalmation" I say no, dalmations aren't 6'6'' 150 pounds as far as I know. lol
Thanks for the beach, Del Mar, wish it were year round.

Scott in Escondido

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Aug 08, 2011
You're pretty
by: Brooty

You are my favorite lady dog, I can't wait until the beach opens again.

Your buddy,


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